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Ladbrooks Roulette Online

There are several casino games that are extremely popular all the time. It’s poker, blackjack games, craps and, of course, roulette. So that, you can hardly imagine modern casino without these games available. What’s more, nowadays there are lots of their variations to set real bets on.

Lots of people associate casino with roulette. Yep. So, no wonder why, today you can find such a variety of the online roulette at Ladbrooks. Here you will get a chance to try your hand or even practice your winning strategy playing the most common and popular versions of the game as European, American, and French roulette. Besides, you can do that without any downloads.

How to Play Roulette for Real

Roulette is one of the oldest and easiest games that can be found at the casino. Probably, its popularity arises from clear and simple rules. So that, even if you’re a newbie at the game you have still nice chance to hit the prize. Yeah! The same applies to Ladbrooks Roulette as well.

But to start winning money, you need to become a real player. After that, you just need to choose the kind of roulette you’re eager to try your luck at. Then, it’s time for placing cash bets… However, there is nothing difficult. Yep. It’s pretty easy too.

First and foremost, you should choose a chip value you want to play with using the chip selector on the table. Afterwards, you just need to choose the cells you think to be winning and bring you a cash prize. You are free to increase and decrease your stake for each chip separately. Then just press ‘Spin’ button to start the play.

In case you want to change all your bets, click ‘Clear’ and do all the steps mentioned above again. After each spin, you have a capability to repeat your previous bets. The ‘Repeat’ button will automatically place the same stake matched to the previous game. Also, you can double all your bets of all the chips on the table by clicking ‘Double’ button.

As you see everything is easy as 1, 2, 3. However, there are lots of winning strategies you can try to make your game profitable. But note, all strategies differ each from another depending on the roulette variation you’re going to play.

Ladbrooks Roulette Games to Try

Ladbrooks offers you a wide selection of the roulette games for any taste with the most popular variations included. So that, feel free to play to your heart’s content and choose the game that suits your preferences best of all. Thus, you can try your luck betting on Premier Roulette or Multi Wheel Roulette as well as try such highly popular versions as European, American and French Roulette.

The principle of playing the game for cash is the same for all game varieties. However, all of them have own advantages, differences to notice and rules to mention. Herewith, if you are a newbie at the game, then we offer you our help. We decided to make the differences between them clear to simplify your life and choice. So, just read about the roulette games to play at Ladbrooks further.


Premier Roulette at Ladbrooks is bound to make you feel as you’re playing at the real table. Yep. It’s designed in such a way to create realistic atmosphere of the game and casino at all. It’s a kind of the classic version of the roulette. It offers you to play with regular table, 36 numbers and zero to stake on. So that, if you like traditions and realistic experience, then try the roulette version for sure.


European Roulette is the first version of the game that remains the most popular at Ladbrooks. As you could guess, here you will get the traditional table that offers you 37 cells to stake on. So, here you will get 36 numbers and single 0.

Here the winnings of a single bet are paid 36 to 1. That makes better odds for the player than the American roulette, for example. However, here the casino always gains profits despite your results. That balances your chances for winning towards another popular American roulette version.


When it comes to American version of roulette at Ladbrooks, you will get some important difference from other variations of the casino game. This is due to the fact that only here you will get extra number and one more cell as a “double-zero”. Yep. So, you can bet on 0 and 00 too.

Therefore, playing American roulette, you have the odds of 38 to 1 and single bet payouts’ rate that is 37 to one. It seems to be no big deal. But in fact it makes much difference for players as far as the wins and losses are concerned. However, this roulette version still is very popular.


There is one more roulette variation available to play at Ladbrooks. It’s French Roulette that is also very popular among real players, especially amongst UK gamblers. It’s more like European version, because it also has only single 0. But, anyway, the variation differs from all kinds mentioned above in design.

So that, here you will receive what is referred to as cash chip that is unlike the different colores chips you can find playing European and American roulette. What’s more, this version has such a betting option as ‘Finales’ that let you wager on the specific groups of numbers, which end in the same digit. As an example, using the option, you stake at once on seven, seventeen and twenty seven automatically.

Multi Wheel

Ladbrooks Multi Wheel Roulette is the game for those, who want more and at once. Why so? Because here you will get more wheels and a wide betting range that will suit most bankrolls. That all makes your chances to win much bigger. Yeah! That’s all because of one table and several wheels to try your luck that are available for you here. Sounds great, doesn’t it? However, you can also improve your skills and win money online playing any other Ladbrooks game as well.