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Do you like to match wits with another player and get some prizes for that? Then you should visit Ladbrooks casino and partake in challenges. Play exciting and international game, where you will be able to try not only your luck, but also your mental speed. Just start playing Backgammon at this gambling house and make tempting profits right now.


You even need to download nothing to see a true value of the casino’s uniqueness spending your time here. The casino provides you with a capability to play with other players in live time. Beyond you can take part in different and catching tournaments. Revel in your free time with fans of this entrancing game and at the moment win great prizes. It will be interesting as for beginners, so for sophisticated players. It’s so simply to do with numerous promotion offers, which the casino awards you.

Ladbrooks Bonus

Ladbrooks casino has a really huge range of promotions. The casino backs up all new customers with £5 Free No Deposit Bonus. And also it cares about players, who are here for a long time, and awards them new and new tempting offers. Just don’t lose your chance to try all possible games with free cash. Beyond the casino offers a range of theme-based bonuses for weekdays.

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Backgammon Rules

Are you a beginner at Backgammon? Then you should pick up some main rules of the game. So here you will see a Backgammon board, which is divided into four quadrants. Each of these quadrants consists of six triangles or so-called points and also has its own name:

  • the first one is your home (points from 1 up to 6)
  • the second and the third ones are outfields (points 7-12 is your outfield, 13-18 – your opponent’s outfield)
  • the fourth one is your opponent’s home (points from 19 up to 24)
  • partition is so-called bar (for hit player’s checkers, a point number 25)

So when you start the game you will have five checkers, which are placed on the six-point and also on midpoint, three checkers, which are placed on the eight-point, five checkers on their midpoint and two checkers on the 24-point.

At first you should understand the purpose of the game. Here you have 15 checkers in total. Move all of them to your home. Stand first and clear all checkers from the board to become the winner of the game.

Just roll the dice to reveal the number of points you are allowed to move each checker, but also note that these numbers constitute separate moves. Besides pay attention that you can move them only forward and from a higher- to lower-numbered point. Here you can place checkers on the free point, or where is placed your own checkers, or move them on the point with only one opponent’s checker. You are to use two or four numbers revealed by the dice.

Beyond you have a chance to hit single opponent’s checker and move it to the bar by placing your blot to this place. The player is to move all checkers on the bar first and foremost. There are you have even three kinds of the winning conclusion:

  • single win (in the case your opponent doesn’t manage to clear about one checker)
  • gammon win (in the case your opponent doesn’t manage to clear any checker and you will get a double win)
  • backgammon win (in the case your opponent doesn’t manage to clear any checker, beyond he has at least one checker on the bar or in your home and you will get a triple win)

So perfect yourself in this exciting game and gain triple prizes by getting the backgammon win.

Online Community

Ladbrooks gives you a wonderful opportunity to converse with other customers at the casino. Just become a part of Online Community to keep abreast all changes. Here you have a chance to discuss news and also strategies, which you can use during the game, as well as ask questions and so on. You can do that on the forum, live chat or try such a new feature as chat games, and many other options and alluring capabilities. Here you can not only enjoy high level games, but also find out something new and share your experience with other players. So join this Community right now and start to enlarge your scope.

Weekly Tournaments

Are you ready to meet the challenge? Then what do you say about participating in different tournaments such as a Backgammon games? Ladbrooks gives you such a chance. Here you can be in competition with other real players and also win impressive money prizes. The casino provides them every week. So don’t miss out such a chance to try your smartness and at the same time make great profits, as well as to get experience.

Beyond the casino backs up players, who takes part in such games, with alluring bonuses. You can visit the official site of the casino or just contact responsible and respectable customer support’s staff to pick up further information about it. Also here you can view a full list of possible promotions, options and tempting offers from Ladbrooks.