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Ladbrooks Live Casino

Ladbrooks is one of the most popular online gambling casinos. It suggests you to enjoy many games of chance not only in automatic downloaded versions, but in a live casino, too. Ladbrooks Live Casino suggests you to enjoy the most popular games broadcast from a real casino room. This fantastic game type allows you to feel like staying in a real gambling house anywhere.


Ladbrooks Live Casino suggests you a wide range of games featuring amazing graphics, bonuses and a magnificent feel of a real casino atmosphere. Gambling is now available at your home, car, cafeteria, or wherever else. All you need is a computer with proper Internet connection.

Play Ladbrooks Live Casino

There is nothing easier than playing with real dealers at Ladbrooks Live Casino. To do this register at their casino web page, select from the available games and you can already start your way to winning big sums. Nice casino interface is user-friendly, and allows you to understand the game features very well. Like in all live casinos, a part of your screen will go for a video broadcast from a real casino with live dealer.

Ladbrooks Live Casino Rules

At Ladbrooks Live Casino they do everything possible to make you feel like at a real casino. Casino game rules is not an exception: all three games you can try with a live dealer at Ladbrooks are played with classical rules. The bonus options you can find in modern online games are not available here, as you will not find them in real casinos.

Anyway, if you want to get some bonuses, it is possible to play gamble games with some interesting options at Classic Live Dealer Casino section of Ladbrooks web page. In it you can try different versions of Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Sic Bo.

Ladbrooks Live Games

At Ladbrooks Live Casino you can play both classic and extended versions of gamble games. The classical games most players appreciate for their well-known rules and popular playing strategies are Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. Online gamblers mostly play these live games, as they suggest you feel like at a real casino playing with the same rules.

Anyway, those who would like to try a new fascinating game mode, or want to get some extra cash, have a chance to choose from many versions of the same games plus Sic Bo. For this you simply need to choose a different section at the Ladbrooks web page.

Live Blackjack

Try Live Blackjack at Ladbrooks Live Casino and feel like staying at a real casino. This game allows you to try your luck with cards without leaving your home. At Ladbrooks they suggest you to play live blackjack with other online players and the dealer. In this card game you have to make the combination of cards with the highest possible number up to 21.

The rules of the game are very simple. You get first two cards, and when they are dealt, it is possible to improve stakes in several different ways. After all players finish staking, they uncover their cards, and the player which has the best combination collects the winnings.

The croupier also plays with you, and when there are no other online players he becomes your principal rival standing on the way to earning good sums of money.

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is another popular card game you can play at Ladbrooks casino both in automatic and live versions. In this game of chance you are suggested to predict whose hand, the Banker’s or the Player’s will be as a result closer to the number of nine. There are always three options to stake on: Banker’s Hand, Player’s Hand, and Tie. First two options double your stake if it wins, the tie pays out 8:1.

Though being an unpredictable game of chance, many experienced gamblers suggest you to play Live Baccarat with the Fibonacci series of numbers. This system says you need to start from the minimal bet and rise it one step every time you win. The secret here is that you do not put more until you get your previous stake returned.

Live Roulette

The last, but not the least, Ladbrooks Live Casino suggests you to play live roulette, which gives you precisely the same feelings as those of real casino gamblers. In live roulette you are suggested to stake on many options including inside and outside bets. It makes the game more risky, intriguing and breath-taking.

The objective of any roulette game is to guess the number and some other characteristics of the slot, where a ball falls after turning in a special wheel. The players can stake on one, two and four numbers as well as on black, red, even, odd options. At Ladbrooks outside bets also include the thirds, the halves and the columns.

The payouts with outside bets are smaller than the inside ones, but the chances for winning outside bets are much bigger. You can play live roulette at Ladbrooks with other online gamblers also making their bets, but they can not influence on the size of your winnings.